Ruby on Rails Recruitment

As the UK’s leading Ruby on Rails (RoR) recruitment agency we aim to place developers in their ideal jobs, while providing our clients with exceptional individuals who help develop and grow their businesses.

Whether you are a junior developer, senior developer or CTO looking for your ideal permanent or contract job, we are here to help.

If you are an organisation looking for an excellent developer, permanent team, or freelancers for ad-hoc work, you have come to the right place, don’t hesitate to get in touch

Our Search Process
We actively involve ourselves in the developer community by attending events and meeting with developers.

We are based in the same offices as our sister company Dynamic50 which allows us to leverage the technology and knowledge of an expert Ruby on Rails development team.

Our team consists of CTOs, senior developers, designers and recruiters. We understand the technology first-hand and are committed to only putting forward the right candidates to the right jobs.

Looking for the perfect team or employee?
We can help you, from finding a new addition to your existing team, to building up a team from scratch. From intern developer to Chief Executive Officer, we can find you a perfect fit for your requirements.

For more information, please see the client section, or give us a call.

What is Ruby and Ruby on Rails?
Ruby is a object oriented programming language created in Japan in the early 90’s.

Ruby on Rails , Merb and Camping are all example frameworks intended for web application development, built on top of Ruby.

Ruby and its associated frameworks are highly productive, and are fast becoming the new standard for web development. Give us a call today to find out how Ruby can help you in your business.